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Born to sing lokgeet

Daya Wati Narayan sings new life into traditional hindi geet - image

Daya Wati Narayan sings new life into traditional hindi geet

Born in Fiji to parents of Indian heritage, Daya has always loved traditional Indian music and singing, known as lokgeet.

As a very young child in the war years the only local musical entertainment she experienced was attending weddings and family functions in her small village on the outskirts of Nadi.

What entertained and engaged Daya at these events were the instruments being played and the traditional lokgeet that were sung. She somehow absorbed the joy that the whole audience experienced at these events and longed to one day be able to provide that kind of joy to other audiences.

Daya’s lokgeet performances were in demand across Fiji

As the years passed Daya taught herself to play these lokgeet on the harmonium and the local people began to recognise the beauty of the songs, the lyrics and her sweet voice and the respectful way she sang these songs. The result was that she became in demand to perform lokgeet at various traditional celebrations, not only in her own village, but across Fiji.

Sadly, the demands of marriage, children and migrating to Sydney, Australia led to a long pause in Daya’s music career.

Lokgeet should be shared with other families for their celebrations

Then, when my children, Daya’s grandchildren, were planning the music for their wedding celebrations, I suggested that they have traditional lokgeet. Unfortunately, I found that the recorded tracks available were not really reflective of the sentiments we wanted to express during these times of special family celebrations.

That’s when we realised that the treasure we had in our own family, the lokgeet locked within my mother’s musical spirit, should be shared with other families for their celebrations.

Preserving the beauty of traditional Hindi lokgeet

And so the idea of Hindi Geet Story was born! In February 2009 I started recording my mother’s live performances at various functions where she performed. So many people have begged me to makeĀ  these recordings available to a wider audience, with the goal of preserving the beauty of traditional hindi lokgeet and the respectful way in which Daya performs.

Pushpa Kishor's goal is to share her mother's passion to keep traditional Hindi geet alive - image

Pushpa Kishor’s goal is to share her mother’s passion to keep traditional Hindi geet alive


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Pushpa Kishor,
Proud daughter of Daya Wati Narayan