Shaadi Geet Dulhan Album Now Available

Video preview of Daya Wati Narayan’s Hindi wedding lokgeet for bride’s family

Ten traditional Hindi lokgeet for the bride’s family to celebrate the wedding!

Hindi Wedding Lokgeet For Brides Family - image

Hindi Wedding Lokgeet For Brides Family – Live performances by Daya Wati Narayan

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Celebrate with Daya Wati Narayan, captured on these live recordings:

Album Title: ‘Hindi Wedding Lokgeet For Brides Family’
Songs: 10

  1. Main sumiro sursati maata ko
  2. Janakpur nagri annand bhai aaj
  3. Dulhe raja aaye  anganwaa sakhire. Parach lo dulha aao sakhire.
  4. Yeh jalsa bada neek laage duwaare par
  5. Dheere dheere pug dharo ho beti aao madwaa mein
  6. Madwaa mein baithe aaye dulhan sajke ho
  7. Beti to ghume lagi madwa mein bhawar sakhian mangal gaawein ho
  8. Dulha bane raghurai humaar siya dulhan bani hai
  9. Orian orian  padh gayee paati
  10. Main to chodi babul ke desh  rajaa tere liye

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Enjoy the celebration!




  1. I listened to the whole CD and used the songs for my wedding. I love it & especially my parents. The songs were fun & meaningful for every stages of the wedding. I recommend this cd to all the brides to be :o) everyone will enjoy these songs.

  2. Pushpa Kishor says

    Thanks for your feedback. Am very glad to know that it held such great value for your special occasion.
    Daya’s intention with Shaadi Geet Dulhan was exactly as you have described. I know you will continue to enjoy the memories it helped you to create.

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