‘Sohar’ 10 Track Album Is Now On iTunes!

Daya Wati Narayan’s ‘Sohar’ is available for download now…

Sohar - Ten Traditional Hindi Songs To Welcome Your New Baby | Live Performances by Daya Wati Narayan - image

Sohar – Ten Traditional Hindi Songs To Welcome Your New Baby | Live Performances by Daya Wati Narayan

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What an exciting day this is, not only our proud family, but for every family with a Fiji Indian heritage!

These 10 tracks, all sung in the traditional Fiji Indian style, hold a special place in our family’s history of celebrations and memories and now we are sharing them with your family too.

Love your feedback on Sohar

After you have downloaded and enjoyed your songs please remember to come back to this website and leave a comment about which geet were most special for you.

More hindi geet albums on their way…

We will be releasing another 5 or 6 albums to help you celebrate life’s special events, but for now please enjoy Sohar …




  1. What a joy! This album reminded me of listening to lokgeet in Fiji when I was a child 🙂

  2. It is nice to hear something real and so attached and representative of our culture and tradition. The voice is so melodious and the presentation is awesome. Keep it up , would love to hear some more of these .

  3. Amazing songs, voice and meaning. Loving it….

  4. The songs and the voice are mesmerising. I have bought the album on iTunes and hope to hear you sing live soon. Wishing you a long and healthy life

  5. Tula from New Zealand says

    This is great preserving Sohar from our elders for future generations. Very well sung, has a lot of meaning and very relevant. It is great to listen to these songs at home and I will be buying a set for my younger generations.
    Wish you all the best for future albums.

  6. Renuka Baldeo says

    I purchased this album last week. what lovely songs. Thanks for putting these songs together for the world to hear and learned,.. These songs other wise would have really become extinct. Please send me the lyrics to 10 tracks of sohar songs. I would love to sing it for my son and daughter – in law baby.

    Renuka from Canada

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